Cost To Build A Website

Website Designing

Having a website for your business is a gateway to the potential customers to your business. A website is 24X7 available to the customers. Your customers can view your product/services at any time according to their ease. People from around the world can access your products whenever they want. As a matter of fact, print advertising is static, while the web offers dynamism. If you are ready to jump into the web arena, you might be wondering about the cost related to website development. The cost of a site depends upon various factors. It depends upon your needs and what you want to accomplish with your website. The design of your site, the features you want to target dramatically affects the cost of site development.


What Factors Make A Website Amazing?

Fast and Effective Loading

A fast loading website always attracts the users and its extremely helpful in user retention. Even if your website is beautifully designed with amazing graphics, it will not retain the user if it’s loading slow. Nobody wants to wait; a fast and effectively loaded website is the need of the hour.


Responsive Web Designing is adaptive designing, which means that the website designed can adapt itself according to the screen space. Everyone uses smartphones. Sites are more accessed via smartphones than on a computer or laptop. So, the responsiveness of the website is exceptionally crucial.

SEO Optimization

SEO is an essential aspect to make your website stand out from others. SEO helps you to increase the user reach. SEO is the methodological analysis of strategies, techniques, and tactics to increase the amount of traffic to your website automatically by high-placement in the ranking of the search results by the algorithms of search engines.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool. The power of social can be felt by the number of users using these websites daily. A well-built site has all the social media platforms integrated into the design of the website. If users can access the social media pages of your website directly from the site, it quickly increases the scope of your brand.


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Site

Domain Of The Website

Picking up the right domain name for your website is extremely important. It is also one of the factors that determine the cost of the site. The average price of domain registration is around 1000-3000 INR yearly. Registering the domain is essential to growing your business.


If you’re considering your business seriously, then allocating a proper budget for website hosting is essential. As a matter of fact, if you’re not considering to pay for hosting of the site, then you’re not into the business.

Website Designing

Designing a website requires a lot of skill and work. There are many skilled professionals behind the creation of the site. Each site is specifically designed according to the needs of the business/customer. Usually, website designing is done on an hourly basis. More time consumed will lead to more cost. The hourly rates of the designers affect the price of website development. The average cost of site designing in India is around 3 to 5 Lac INR.


Writing content for the website requires a great set of skills. The content is business-oriented and SEO optimized. The content of the site dramatically affects the success of your business. Content for the site changes the cost of the site up to a great extent. A decent copywriter may charge up to 30000 to 40000 INR for the content of your site.

SEO Analysis Of The Site

An everyday user would not surf through pages and pages after searching some queries on the search engine. So, it becomes essential where the search engines place your link in the ranking list. If your site’s relationship is on page number one of the search results, it automatically diverts a significant amount of traffic to your site. The higher the site is naturally ranked in the organic search results, the more visitors visit the site.

Website Development With Webologix

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