SEO Based Articles

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase the visibility of the page. It is used in web publishing and helps to increase the traffic to your page. An article that has to be published online must be SEO based, easy to read, and interesting so that the reader does not lose his/her connection with the article. There is a need for strategic placement of key phrases and keywords with the inclusion of appropriate hyperlinks.

At Webologix, we offer articles and blog writing services at very budget-friendly prices. Our every article is well written, keeping all the SEO tactics in mind. Regularly posting informative and factual content on your website helps potential customers in brand awareness. 

You just cannot throw a bunch of words and expect people to read and share. Proper analysis is required before writing an article. 

How Our Writers Write These SEO Based Articles?

Outlining The Article

Articles must be well written, informative, and engaging. Our focus remains to provide a different angle on a specific topic. As soon as the subject of the article is provided to us by the clients, our writers start to outline the article. We perform extensive research on the topic. A right hook at the beginning is essential to build audience engagement. 

Search Engines like Google provides excellent importance to the title of the article. While outlining the article, our writers put a great emphasis on the title selection.

 Keyword Research

If there is some content going to be posted on the website, it becomes essential that the search engine notices the efforts. After making a tentative outline of your article, our team starts searching for keywords and the phrases related to the article’s topic that people are searching for. 

 A keyword spreadsheet is prepared, and the highest searched keywords are included in the content so that the search engines acknowledge the material posted. The article is divided into sub-headings, including the keywords. This division makes it easier for users to understand the content.

Putting the Selected Keywords to Work 

Once the outline work and keyword selection is done, the main action starts. The article must contain the right amount of keywords. There must not be an unnecessary use of keywords everywhere. Usually, a good keyword density is 1-3% of the total words. 

Our writers make sure that the selected keywords occur in the content naturally. We focus on the readability of the material. We do not forcefully put keywords everywhere, as it may result in audience migration. 

Making The Article Long Enough To Count

 Search Engines prefer long posts, articles, and blogs. We make sure that your article is a minimum of 1000 words long so that it remains noticeable to the search engines. According to research, search engines prefer long articles. Longer posts have a low bounce rate, and a lower bounce rate helps in the increase in rankings of your post.

Editing The Work

Editing is highly essential before publishing the article. Our editors take care of every single detail while going through the written content. We try to stay away from long paragraphs that go on for miles. We focus on audience engagement. We focus on the readability of the material. Our editors make sure that the content will generate the right amount of traffic.

Content Writing With Webologix

If you’re searching for the best SEO services, you’ve come to the right place. Webologix is a one-stop-shop for all your digital needs. Our writers are the best in their business. We analyze before we finalize it. We know how to grab the attention of the audience. We make sure that content reaches the right set of eyes. Our services are budget-friendly and highly appreciated by our customers.