Pay Per Click


What is PPC? 

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a way of utilizing search engine advertising to bring forth clicks to your website, rather than “gaining” the clicks organically. You may have seen the sponsored ads often at the top of Google’s search results page, marked below with a yellow label? That is actually pay-per-click advertising.


Here’s how PPC Marketing works: Every time the ad shown on the result page is clicked, which eventually sends a user to the website displayed, the search engine charges a small fee from the advertiser. That is why it is known as pay per click. If advertiser’s PPC ad drive is well-projected and running smoothly, the price paid to the search engine seems to be trivial, because the visit is worth more to the business than what the advertiser is paying to the search engine.

In the end, pay-per-click marketing is beneficial for one and all:


The benefit to the User Searching:

Various researches have revealed that an everyday user tends to click on the paid advertisements more than any other form of digital ads. As long as the services/products/content is user-oriented, an average user does not mind to be advertised to individual websites and nowadays as every search starts with search engines like Google for the products and services a user is looking for, the results including the ads are highly relevant to what a user is looking for. Also, Google continuously develops excellent formulas which ensure that PPC ads meet the user’s demands.

The benefit to the Advertisers

Advertisers are provided with a unique way of putting their products/services/content in front of the potential customer who is intentionally and explicitly searching for a product. As a searcher exposes his/her intent through the search query. This enables advertisers to keep a check on the quality of traffic that results from search engine clicks.

The benefit to Search Engine

PPC allows the search engines to offer the user and advertisers a unique way of interaction. The searchers comprise the user-base of the search engines, and the advertisers provide them with the revenue stream. The main focus of search engines is to provide the most relevant search result while generating a high revenue from the advertisers.

The unmatched advantage of PPC marketing is that Google and other search engines in the ad networks reward the highest bidders for the ad space, not only this the ad most popular among the users and has the highest quality are also paid. Fundamentally, Google always rewards the excellent performance. The better these ads are, the higher are click-through rates having a lower cost.

Google Ads for PPC Marketing

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is by far the most popular PPC platform without any competition operating on a pay-per-click model in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements.

Every time a search is originated, Google searches into its pool of bidding advertisers and eventually chooses a set of winners to appear in the ad space available on its search results page. These bid winners are selected, based on a number of factors which includes the quality and relevance of the keywords and advertisement texts along with the size of their keyword bids. For example, if Webologix bid on the keyword “PPC software,” our ad might show up in the top spot on the Google results.

Technically, which advertiser gets to appear on the page and where the ad should be placed is based on advertiser’s Ad Rank, it is technically calculated by multiplying two key factors, CPC Bid which is the highest amount an advertiser is willing to pay and Quality Score which is a value that takes into account the click-through rate, landing page quality, relevance, and among other factors. In turn, this Quality Score affects the actual cost per click or CPC.

This system of calculation allows winning advertisers to reach their potential customers at a cost that fits the advertiser’s budget.


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